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New! The Dirty Pumpkin Sisters And Snow Girl Sister Doll Pattern. Pattern includes the complete doll pattern, Facial templates, Outfit patterns. Also included is the sepia Pumpkin Seeds Print for dress. Approx, 20" tall when finished.

Cannot be a Free pattern.

The Magical Pumpkin Retired

New! Pumpkin Seeds and Snowflake ( not shown ) Doll Pattern ©2015 Pattern includes the Pumpkin Seeds doll pattern and also a Top Hat pattern to create a Snowman out of the same pattern. Jumper pattern, instructions. Fairly simple to create and a wonderful little doll! 16" tall Great show sellers!

New! Mr. Pumpkin Man ©2014 He'll be about 20" tall when finished. Pattern includes, jacket, pants, lid, hat patterns. Also facial templates and full instructions.

New! The Good Witch Doll Pattern ©2015 She is super awesome! 20" tall

Be~Witched ©2013 Pattern insludes dress bodice, pants, hat patterns, doll pattern, facial templates, instructions.

New! Blair Pumpkin ©2014 Pattern includes, 19" Blair full round head, body patterns. Her full dress, pants, and jacket patterns. Facial templates. Rosette, collar Instructions. Full instructions, photos etc.

New Standing Nina ©2014 Pumpkin. Includes doll, dress patterns and facial templates. Photos, full instructions including how to stand.

New! Ephemera Witch Mannequin ©2013 make do pattern. Includes pattern for body, A beautiful sheet of the paper Witch head ephemera. Full instructions, photo's etc.

Pansy Toadstinker ©2013 She's wonderful when finished! She'll be about 19" tall when finished. Pattern includes, Pansy's full round head, body patterns. Her bodice, pants, and hat patterns. Also her eyelids and facial template. Full instructions etc.

New! The Head Witch ©2012 This is a moderatly bigger girl. She's about 32" tall when finished. You can print her smaller to make a small girl. I usually print 85% if I want a smaller doll. Her pattern includes The Head Witch full round head and body patterns. Her bodice, tall crooked Witches hat, pants patterns. Her full face template and diagram. Along with eyelid templates and all instructions.

The Laughing Pumpkin ©2013 About 21" tall. Pattern comes with complete instructions on painting. Pattern includes her full round pumpkin head, body patterns. Her bodice, pumpkin lid, pants patterns. Exact facial templates that were used on the original.

Mz Longnose, Lillith Witch and Mr. October and a cute little cat!

©2013 All in one! You get all 4 doll patterns and then some. Nice versatile pattern on large paper.

Mailed Only

New! Toad ©2013 Finished Toad Pumpkin is approx 28" tall when completed. Pattern includes Toad Pumpkin pattern, pants, full dress patterns.

Felix ©2013 Approx 28" when finished. Pattern includes, the Felix doll pattern, pants, jacket patterns. Full instructions on his facial features. Facial template pieces.

New! Kitty And Snowman Standing Instructions for legs and a column or a sitting doll. Frosty print for cone hat included, comes in different sizes too.

Not a free pattern choice.

Pumpkin N More ©2015 Standing Pumpkin or whatever your heart desires.

The photos at each side were made with the same pattern. Create Rabbits, Pumpkins, Witches and more. Instructions for clay head and also fabric head pattern included and 2 sized bodies.

Requires Legal size print option or taped together paper to create size for pattern pages.>p>Not a free pattern choice.

New! The Dirty Pumpkin Sisters ©2015 ... Includes it all! Wonderful pattern!

Vintage Pumpkin Girl ©2013 Pattern includes The Vintage Pumpkin doll pattern. The dress bodice pattern, face diagram, Instructions. My Original was on a post, but I also give a leg pattern to make her a full doll body.

Lurka and Hedsra ©2013 Lurka & Hedsra Two awsome witches. Pattern includes both Lurka and Hedsra patterns. The dress pattern, Cone Template, face diagram, Instructions.

Jester Pumpkin ©2013 This is a copy of My Original Design. Jester Pumpkin will be approx, 21" tall when finished. Pattern includes Jester Doll Pattern, His outfit pattern, painting details and all instructions. Full face detail diagram included. 13.00

Pattern Cremella ©2013 You will have so much fun with this one! Seperate Head. She could be Everyday, Halloween Etc! Pattern includes, Cremella doll pattern, Crown, Purse, Bodice Patterns. Facial Art Diagram, Detailed Instructions.

Masquerade Party Pumpkin ©2013 About 32" Tall when finished. Features A Round Head. Pattern includes, The Masquerade Pumpkin Doll Pattern, Dress Bodice Pattern, Mask Pattern, Cone Template, Face Template. Instructions, painting methods used. Item She holds is not included. You can make her smaller by printing her at 85%

Mr Piedmont ScareCrow 16" ©2013 Very Nifty Pattern! Pattern Includes Mr Piedmont Pattern, Shirt pattern, Hat Pattern. He has skinny legs and arms. Hes really cool!

Mr. Earie ScareCrow Make Do, An Awsome Makedo He Is Very Spooky! ©2007-2013 Make Do, Approx 20" Pattern Includes Earie Doll Pattern, Hat Pattern. All painting & Antiquing Instructions.

Mailed Only

Zelda Witch & Cat ©2007-2013 18" Pattern Includes, Zelda Doll Pattern, Dress Pattern, Hat Pattern, Her Cat Pattern. Painting Instr. Incl.

Mrs. Squashworths 32" ©2007-2013 Pattern Includes Mrs Squash Doll Pattern, Her Dress Pattern, Hat, & Bag Pattern. Instructions, Pictures.

Folk Stick Dolls ©2007-2013 Pumpkin & Folky Doll Pattern Approx, 14". These Are Very Prim, Way Awsome & Can Be Used For Ornies! Possibilities Are Endless On These!

Mailed Only

The Three Witches ©2004-2013 You Get 3 Complete Witch Doll Patterns. Gretchen, Ezmerelda and Glenda. And Each Have Thier Own Thing They Hold, Wizard, Bat, Cat. Each Complete With Clothing, Hat Patterns Etc. The Complete Compilation

PDF emailed pattern

Another Compilation! Included Is ©2013 Jackie Pumpkin Girl, Arthur Snowman & Fritz The Cat Patterns. All Clothing Patterns For Each Doll. Sizes range From 30" To 36" Tall!

Mailed Only

Halloween Cat Make Do ©2007-2013 Approx, 12" Tall. Pattern Includes Cat Doll Pattern, Hat, Dress Patterns, Halloween Banner Template, also Not Shown Flag And Americana Banner Templates. Antiquing & Painting Instr. 11.00

Mailed Only

©2008-2013 30" Halloween Banner Witch. She Features A Long Seperate Nose! Includes Doll Pattern, Dress Pattern, Cone Hat Template that you simply print onto cardstock, Banner Pattern.

Henetier Pumpkin Doll Make Do Pattern ©2008-2013 24" when finished. Pattern Includes Henetier Doll pattern, Face Template, Hat, & Dress patterns, Halloween Banner template. Instructions & Painting Methods.

©2008-2013 32" Madeline Witch. A Fun Painting Pattern Madeline Witch Doll Pattern Included. Madeline. Clothing, Cone Hat Patterns. The Moon Template is Not Included. Only The Doll Pattern. Detailed Instructions, Pictures.

Folk Art The Head Witch ©2008-2013...Shes Is about 30" Tall when finished. Features A Full Round Head...Pattern includes, The Head Witch 08 Doll Pattern, Dress Pattern, Cone Hat Template. Face Template. Complete Instructions and antiquing methods used.

Martha Party Witch ©2008-2013...Shes Is about 25" Tall when finished. Pattern includes, Martha Doll pattern, Her Cone Hat Template that you print and make, Easy as Pie Face Template. Complete Instructions and antiquing methods used, Picture...Mailed and PDF E-Pattern

Jaqueline Pumpkin Doll and her little friend Darla Make Do Pattern ©2007-2013 They are only sold as a set. Included is Both Doll Patterns, Clothing, bag pattern, Instructions and Pictures.

Mailed Only

Simply Miss Pumpkin ©2013....Shes a Make Do or you can use the Optional leg pattern that is included and make her a full doll...Included is Her Doll pattern, Dress pattern, Instructions, Pictures.

©2011-2013 Sweet Pumpkin. About 30" When Finished. Features A Full Round head. Pattern Includes, Doll Pattern, Dress Pattern, Sprout hat Pattern.

Gizelle Witch N Pickel ©2007-2013...And her Crow Friend Pickel, Just Adorable! Shes about 32" Tall when finished. Pattern comes complete with Gizell and Pickel Doll Patterns, Dress and Hat Patterns, Full Face Template, All Instructions, Antiquing and painting methods used on Both.

Mailed Only

Crow Witch Pattern ©2007-2013...Crow Witch is A Crow dressed Up As A Witch...She Has Crow Feet Also. Pattern Comes complete with Crow Witch Doll Pattern, Dress Pattern. Hat Pattern, Bag Pattern.

Legal size print option or tape paper together to create the size.

Gourdy Witch Pumpkin Pattern ©2007-2013...This Is One Awsome Pumpkin Witch! Features Tree Twig Arms wrapped in cloth. Hes about 20" Tall. Gourdy Doll Pattern, Hat Pattern And Full Instructions. Pictures.

Mailed Only

Trevaya Doll Pattern No Longer Available.

Clay & Fabric Snowman pattern. ©2013 Also includes a fabric head pattern. Complete with the Clay Instructions, facial template. Body, Cone hat, banner patterns. Collar Instructions also. Full Instructions on how to make the entire piece with painting technique.

New Vintage Cat Mask with Cat Doll Pattern ©2013 Includes the Cat Doll Pattern & Her cat mask on cardstock. Dress pattern, Instructions, Painting Method, Face Template. Moon Not Incl.

Available In The 3 Spooks Compilation Only

Liddy Nin~Root Witch ©2008 Very Very Folk Prim Shes about 28" Tall when finished. Pattern includes Liddy NinRoot Doll Pattern, Dress Bodice Pattern, Witches Hat Pattern, Poem Template, Very Detailed Instructions, Pictures.

Boo Witch ©2013 Boo Witch is about 27" Tall without her cone hat. Detailed pattern consists of the Boo Witch pattern, her dress pattern. Eye Diagram and color chart. Her Cone Hat Template. Painting and antiquing technique used and Instructions. 13.00

BooQueen Witch Pumpkin Make Do New ©2013 Pattern. She'll be about 22" tall using a 9" tall column. Includes, BooQueen Doll & Head piece Patterns, Her Bodice, Crown Patterns. Instructions. Face Template & Diagram. Also Comes with the Poem template she is holding with instructions to make. Detailed Instructions, Face Instructions, Pictures.

Creepy Pumpkin Punkish Girl Make Do ©2013 Delightful Pattern! Shes about 19" Tall when finished using a 9" Column. Pattern includes Punkish pumpkin Doll & Head Patterns, Dress Bodice Pattern, Witches cone Pattern size template, Face Detailed instructions. Pictures. Clay head pattern not included. 13.00

Lilly Witch ©2013 Pattern. She'll be about 21" tall when finished. Pattern includes, Lilly Doll Pattern, Her bodice pattern, Eyelid pattern, Her face template and diagram with instructions for the face. Her Cone size template. The Moon pattern with instructions also inc. Detailed Instructions, Pictures.

Mordella Photo Face Pattern ©2013. Includes Mordella pattern, Face that you will print onto transfer paper, her dress bodice, pants and hat patterns, Batwing and bats that you will print onto heavy cardstock paper, includes complete instructions for everything. Painting method I used when I created my original. Pattern is designed and complete for the face to be transferred. Simply print and iron on. Very Fun and Creative pattern.

Mr. Mouse Pattern © Includes Mouse, Ear, Tail, Body, Shirt, Pumpkin patterns. Banner template, cone size template. Instructions.

Mailed Only

©2013 Clown Pumpkin. Another Adorable Pattern. Very Vintage looking Pumpkin when finished. Includes the Pumpkin doll pattern, His Outfit pattern, painting template. All Instructions.

Party Pumpkin Hanger ©2013 Pattern This guy is just awesome! Hang him on your front door for Halloween. Easy as pie to make. He'll be approx 36" long when finished. This is a Hanging doll. Also Includes full dress with collar pattern. Instructions.

Queen Dottie ©2013 Includes Doll Body, Bodice Patterns. Instructions And Face Template For Doll. Includes Crown Template.

Also Includes Instructions For Clay Head, But No Pattern.

©2013 Wednesday Doll Pattern. Another Adorable Pattern. Shes smaller, approx 18" tall. Includes Wednesday doll pattern, Bodice, Pants pattern, painting template. All Instructions.

Copyright ©2018 Veenas Mercantile All Rights Reserved. Designated Doll Patterns, Designs, Finished Products, Website Graphics and Photos are the property of Kim Kohler, Veenas Mercantile.

Purchase Three emailed Patterns, Get One Free, Equal Or Lower In Value.

Email Us Your Free Pattern Choice.

Shipping Overages Will Be Refunded On Mailed Patterns.

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